Jan 31- Over 70% of European Union Citizens Support Bag Ban


The European Union (EU) has been considering a regional approach on the issue of plastic bag pollution, and recent survey results indicate a vast majority of public support for a bag ban.

The European Commission survey received over 15,500 respondents. The survey was intended to obtain public input for bag reduction efforts as well as biodegradable bag standards.

More than 70% of EU citizens that responded expressed their support for a plastic bag ban. Already several members of the EU have passed their own laws banning or restricting single-use plastic bags—including the Republic of Ireland, Italy, France, and recently parts of the United Kingdom—Northern Ireland and Wales.

According to Plastics News, Stephane Arditi, senior policy officer for the European Environment Bureau, said of the results:

"With more than two thirds of respondents supporting a ban of single-use plastic bags, a clear signal is being sent to European institutions. It’s time for longer lasting products and for effective legal instruments supporting waste prevention."

See the list of local bag ordinances in California, and the United States. Visit our Campaign to End Single-Use Plastic Bags for more information on the issue.