Dec 27 - "Day Without a Bag" Participation Prompts Locals to Consider Bag Bans


After a successful Day Without a Bag, the City of Agoura Hills and other local governments are contemplating single-use bag ordinances to deal with their plastic bag litter issues.

The fifth annual Day Without a Bag event was held on December 15. In LA County, almost 20,000 reusable bags were given away to raise awareness of the issue and promote the end of single-use bag waste. Other communities across the state participated in this event, from Arcata all the way down to San Diego.

The City of Agoura Hills participated by distributing 150 reusable bags that day, with plans to continue giving away its remaining supply. Located in LA County, it has a population of just over 20,000 residents.

At a council meeting before the event took place, Agoura Hills Mayor John Edelston noted the economic and environmental impacts of single-use bag waste. Millions are spent by state and local agencies to clean up plastic bag litter from our streets and waterways, and plastic bags are both a visual blight and a threat to marine wildlife.

According to this article, Edelston stated,

"Heavy-duty reusable bags are convenient, environmentally friendly alternatives that are used worldwide…the city of Agoura Hills should examine the ban on the use of plastic bags."

Visit our Campaign to End Single-Use Plastic Bags for more information, or take action on existing proposals to ban plastic bags.