Dec 26 - San Jose Commits to Being e-Stewards Enterprise


The City of San Jose earned an e-Stewards Enterprise designation, becoming the first city in the country to do so. This designation means that San Jose will give preference for its electronics recycling contracts to companies certified to the e-Stewards standard.

An e-Stewards recycler must follow stringent standards for dismantling and they are explicitly forbidden to export e-waste to developing nations.

San Jose recycled 146,000 pounds of city-generated e-scrap in 2010.

According to City Councilmember Ash Kalra:

In Silicon Valley, we boast the newest technologies in the world. However, the disposal of high-tech products is all too often done in a way that harms people and devastates the planet. Becoming an e-Stewards Enterprise will allow us to be accountable and ensure that whatever e-waste is recycled through the City is recycled responsibly and does not damage public health or the environment. It gives me great pride to know that San Jose has taken this major step in helping eliminate the harmful impacts our services may cause, directly or indirectly, to communities here or in other countries.

Previously, Santa Clara County was the first government entity to become an e-Stewards Enterprise.

Read the press release.

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