Dec 8 - Opportunities for Composting in LA

KPCC, LA's local NPR affiliate, hosted an interesting conversation about expanding composting in Southern California. The program's guests, Jeremy Drake, a member of the Sierra Club and a CAW supporter, and Ron Saldana, of the LA County Disposal Association, discussed both the benefits of composting and the challenges of expanding composting facilities in a densely urban area.

Jeremy Drake, member of the Sierra Club's Zero Waste Coalition, said aside from reducing discarded waste, the products of composting could be used to help reduce dependence on irrigation and petrochemical fertilizers in agriculture.

"Three million tons of organic waste is being thrown in landfills in L.A. County every year. There are ways that we can manage that material in a responsible way," Drake said. "People might forget that four of the most productive agricultural counties are in Southern California."

The discussion on the program and the comments from callers highlight the strong pent-up demand for residential composting opportunities around the state. This is in line with the sentiments we have been hearing from our members, and we continue to look for options to replicate the success of organics composting programs in jurisdictions like San Francisco, Alameda County, and San Jose.

Listen to the program to hear more:


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