Dec 9 - Glendale Moves Towards Zero Waste


Glendale City Council passed two resolutions on Tuesday December 6th, resolutions that will move the city towards zero waste.

One resolution is to adopt a Zero Waste goal to achieve 75% waste diversion by 2020 of the current disposal tonnage of 162,000 tons per year, and 90% waste diversion by 2030. Glendale has a diversion rate of 60% in 2010. To achieve their zero waste, the City plans to:

• Pursue 'upstream' re-design strategies to reduce the volume and toxicity of
discarded products and materials, and promote low-impact lifestyles;
• Improving 'downstream' reuse, recycling and composting of end-of-life products
and materials to ensure their highest and best use;
• Fostering and supporting use of discarded products and materials to reinvest in
the local economy and create good green jobs; and

The second resolution will provide a 5-year extension and facility expansion of the Glendale Recycling Center and Transfer Facility. Allan Company has been operating the facility for the City since July 2006 and their contract was set to expire in 2016. In exchange for the extension, Allan company will make capital improvement and increase the price it pays to the city for city-collected recyclables by $5 per ton from $31 to $36 per ton.

Both resolutions are part of Glendale's Zero Waste Action Plan, directed by the city's Public Works Department and intended to guide Glendale's waste management policies in the coming decades. The mandates are guided by the State's zero waste goal and the waste reduction initiatives tied to AB 32, the Global Warming Solutions Act and the recently passed AB 341 (Chesbro).

Tom Brady, Glendale's recycling coordinator and CAW's Board Member says "We are very proud to be a leader in the march towards zero waste."

Read the resolutions:

  1. Zero Waste and Extended Producer Resolution
  2. Expanding Diversion Capacity of Glendale Recycling Center and Transfer Facility


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