Sept 1 - Fate of Polystyrene Foam Bill on the Line as Deadline Approaches


It’s September, and that means that the interim recess for the State Legislature is just one short, and very busy, week away. Legislature recesses on September 9 and reconvenes on January 4, 2012.

As that deadline approaches, CAW is keeping an eye on many bills including SB 568, the foamed expanded polystyrene (eps) container phase-out bill by Senator Alan Lowenthal to reduce the environmental impacts of eps litter. The bill has passed out of the Senate and from several Assembly committees, and now awaits a vote on the Assembly floor before it can go to the governor's desk for a signature.

In a Southern California Public Radio interview, Senator Lowenthal recently pointed out that SB 568 will not only nurture the already growing industry of alternative container manufacturing in California, but it will also protect the state’s tourism industry. The California Ocean Protection Council reports that our ocean-dependent economy brings in over 46 billion dollars each year.

On the same radio clip, a restaurant chain owner opposed the bill, citing cost-effectiveness and integrity issues with alternative containers. However, when asked what the 70 year old business utilized prior to eps containers, the owner admitted that they had previously worked with aluminum-based products. Listen to the entire interview here, or read more here.

There are currently an estimated 2000 jobs in the alternative container industry and between 400-600 jobs in the eps container industry in California.

If you haven’t sent in a letter to your Assembly Member to support this important environmental bill, take a few minutes and send one in here.

Already sent in a letter? Ask your friends, family members, and favorite progressive restaurants to do the same. A sample restaurant support letter is available for download here.