Aug 18 - SB 568 Foamed Polysytrene Bill Update


Yesterday Senator Alan Lowenthal made a powerful and articulate presentation on his expanded polystyrene (eps) phase-out bill, SB 568, to the Assembly Appropriations committee.

After hearing testimony from both supporters and opposition, the committee members discussed the bill, including concerns about its impacts on jobs. But according to the Senator’s office, the two largest eps container manufacturers in California also make alternative products, which are only pennies apart in price comparisons per unit. Moreover, the LA Times recently reported that "There are already more jobs in California for the manufacture of alternative food containers...than for foam containers."

According to a Waste & Recycling news article it was scheduled for a committee vote on August 25. In order for SB 568 to get to the Assembly floor for a vote and have a chance of becoming law, the bill needs to pass out of Appropriations by next week. *UPDATE* The bill is now on the suspense file after passing out of Appropriations.

Over 50 local governments in our state already have an ordinance restricting foam takeout containers, but a statewide solution would further protect our oceans, wildlife, and public health from the impacts of eps foam litter.

Take action and send in a letter to the Appropriations Committee here—it’s quick and you can also personalize your letter.

If you watched the hearing, then you know what we are up against. But you also saw just how close we are. This policy has a great champion in Senator Lowenthal. More people should know about it. Help us get the word out by making a contribution today.