Jul 20 - EPA Announces New Policy for E-Waste


Director of the Environmental Protection Agency Lisa Jackson, along with General Services Administrator Martha N. Johnson, White House Council on Environmental Quality Chair Nancy Sutley, and industry representatives, revealed the Interagency Task Force’s "National Strategy for Electronics Stewardship" at an electronic waste facility in Austin, TX.

The main aspects of the policy are outlined below:

1. Encourage General Services Administration to use its purchasing power to promote greener products, and to get involved in the standards setting processes.

2. Support recycling options for consumers.

3. Support research on electronics recycling.

4. Recommend that the government support ratification of the Basel Convention

To read more details about each objective, read the Task Force Report.

While this is a good start, what is missing is a clear mandate on banning export of electronic waste. Recently, the US Congress introduced HR 2284, otherwise known as the Responsible Electronics Recycling Act. This bill is supported by CAW, and would prohibit the dumping of electronic waste to developing countries, while simultaneously promoting recycling jobs at home. This bill was initially introduced to Congress two years ago, but never became law.

California also has their own e-waste export bill on the legislative agenda this year, AB 960 by Assembly Member Bonnie Lowenthal, which will help reduce the amount of e-waste exported overseas from California by mandating that recyclers reform their exporting practices in order to receive payments.


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