March 3 - New Bill Would Introduce Blue Bin to Apartment Complexes

Recycling at home has become commonplace for many Californians. That is, unless you live in an apartment complex. A new bill, the Renter’s Right to Recycle Act (AB 818), introduced by Assembly Member Blumenfield, hopes to change that.

Efforts to bring the blue bin to multi-family residences have been suggested in the past, but thwarted by cries of burdensome financial requirements on apartment owners and lack of infrastructure to support the initiative. Yet as landfill management and waste production becomes an increasing problem, many are wondering when apartment residents will be required to play their part. Currently, "85% of the waste generated at multi-family residences still goes to landfills," says CAW Executive Director Mark Murray.

CAW supports this bill and is actively watching its status. To stay up to date as well, click here.

To listen to Capital Public Radio’s story about AB 818, listen here.