Feb 10 - City of Calabasas Added to Growing List of Municipalities with Plastic Bag Bans

The Calabasas City Council unanimously approved and adopted a plastic bag ban on February 9, 2011. The ordinance bans plastic bags and places a minimum 10 cent price requirement on paper bags. It is modeled after Los Angeles County's plastic bag ordinance, which was passed last November.

The ban goes into effect this July for larger stores, following outreach and education efforts about the ban. It will be implemented to all remaining affected stores by January of 2012.

Calabasas is the fourth municipality this year to pass or adopt a plastic bag ban, after San Jose, Marin County, and Santa Monica. Many others are poised to follow, adding to the local movement around the state against plastic bag pollution. For a list of local plastic bag ordinances in California, click here.

A copy of the ordinance is available here, along with an article about the ban.