Feb 9 - UC Davis Wins National Recycling Competition

Every year, the US Environmental Protection Agency launches it's Game Day Challenge, sponsored by it's Wastewise program designed to help businesses, organizations, nonprofits, and government agencies reduce their waste contribution.

This year, the Game Day Challenge winner in the area of "Diversion Rate" was the University of California, Davis. In the competition, participating schools chose a home football game in October of 2010 to implement strategies to reduce waste, and encourage recycling and composting.On October 23, of last year, nearly seven thousand fans showed up to watch the Aggies face the South Alabama Jaguars. During the game, fans and staff produced 890 pounds of trash, but through recycling and composting efforts, sent only 90 pounds of this to the landfill; a 90% diversion rate. UC Davis' Aggie Stadium where 90% of trash was diverted from landfills.

At the game, refreshments were sold in compostable cups, and snacks were sold in non-plastic, sustainable containers which helped them reach an impressive 90% diversion rate, 20% higher than the second place contenders. However, many people do not understand that comparable feats can be accomplished right at home. Check out our Living Green page to find tips on how to reduce your waste production, become more energy efficient, find out where to recycle various items, set up a backyard compost, and even calculate your ecological footprint.

To read more about UC Davis' award in the EPA Game Day Challenge, click here.