Dec 22 - San Clemente One Step Closer to Styrofoam Ban


City Council members voted unanimously on December 21 to outlaw styrofoam, otherwise known as expanded polystrene or EPS, from restaurants in San Clemente. The ordinance becomes official after a final vote on January 4, and will be effective starting July 1, 2011. San Clemente would be joining the growing list of over two dozen other local agencies in California with polystyrene bans.

For restaurants, the choice between EPS cups, plates, bowls, and take-out containers and other alternatives is an economic issue. EPS products are often the cheapest material available. However, styrofoam is also hard to dispose of or recycle. It is light and breaks easily into smaller, less manageable pieces that don't biodegrade and instead end up polluting our streets and waterways.

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