Oct 12 - Environmental Groups Criticize Governor Schwarzenegger for Retreating from Environmental Promises

In the wake of yesterday's bill signing deadline, many environmental groups are critical of Governor Schwarzenegger's actions on environmental legislation. By vetoing the vast majority of pro-environment bills, the Governor has tarnished California's green image and delayed the creation of sustainable green jobs. Along with several important pieces of recycling legislation, Governor Schwarzenegger also vetoed bills that would have set higher renewable energy standards, protected parks and open space, and cleaned our water.

In a press release, the California League of Conservation Voters argued that the Governor's voting record this year will likely be considered his worst ever. CLCV CEO Warner Chabot said "Governor Schwarzenegger’s record this year demonstrates that environmental voters must work together to build a ‘greener’ governor in 2010 - a governor who will establish California’s position as an environmental leader in the nation and the world."

"CLCV and the entire environmental community worked together all year to pass through the legislature bold yet responsible legislation to help create clean energy and green job opportunities, protect our state’s natural resources and the public’s health, and help solve the global warming crisis," continued Chabot. "But with the irresponsible use of his veto pen, the governor failed to lead California toward a strong sustainable economic future built on California’s technological and environmental leadership."