Oct 11 - Governor Schwarzenegger Vetoes Bottle Bill and Other Recycling Bills

It's a dark day for recycling in California, as Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has vetoed SB 402 (Wolk-Skinner-Corbett), a measure that would have expanded recycling while keeping program revenues and expenditures in balance.

With this veto:

  • Approximately 1,000 recycling locations will close their doors, shifting the redemption obligation inside the store;
  • Several thousand Californians will lose their jobs;
  • Funding for the domestic utilization of recycled plastic and others materials will be drastically ruduced;
  • Funding for Local Government litter clean up and recycling will be drastically reduced.
  • The price to consumers of most beverages will increase by about $100 million to pay for manufacture obligated recycling costs.

The growth in container recycling—rates are projected to hit 78-80% this year—and loans to the gneral fund have combined to reduce available funding for supplemental program elements. In July, the Department of Conservation imposed an 85% across the board cut in program expenditures. Read veto message and CAW response.

AB 473 (Blumenfield) - Multifamily Recycling - VETOED!

Summary. Provides a residential recycling opportunity for more than 7.1 million Californians residing in more than 2.4 million multifamily dwelling units.

Position and Status. CAW Supports. AB 473 was vetoed by Governor Schwarzenegger on Oct. 11. AB 473 previously has passed both houses of the legislature, as well as the Assembly and Senate Policy and Fiscal Committees. VETO Message.

AB 1173 (Huffman) - Fluorescent Lamp Toxics Reduction and Recycling Act - VETOED!

Summary. Creates a free and convenient program for consumers to properly dispose of residential fluorescent lights (RFL).

Position and Status. CAW sponsors. AB 1173 passed through the Assembly and Senate, but was vetoed by Governor Schwarzenegger. VETO Message.

AB 147 (Saldaña) - Consumer Electronics Toxics Reporting Requirement - VETOED!

Authorizes DTSC to request documentation from electronics manufacturers about the amount of hazardous materials contained in the consumer electronics they offer for sale in the State.

Position and Status. CAW Sponsors. AB 147 passed both houses of the legislature but was vetoed by the Governor. VETO message.

However, the Governor did sign CAW support-bill SB 546 (Lowenthal), a measure aimed at increasing support and incentives for the recycling and re-refining of used motor oil.