Jul 28 - Waste Management Vows to Nearly Triple E-Waste Recycling, Partners With iGo

Waste Management, an interstate waste/trash company, last year announced partnerships with Zenith, LG, and Sony to allow customers to drop off electronics from these brands, for free, at over 200 eCycling drop-off centers across the country. Now the company has found another partner - iGo, maker of power adapters and connectors - and has announced plans to expand its recycling efforts.

iGo has partnered with Waste Management to process all returned chargers in compliance with all local, state and federal laws, rules and regulations, and will recycle the chargers in conjunction with Waste Management’s Recycle America’s ISO certifications and the Basel Action Network’s environmental stewardship pledge.

Consumers can also go to to www.iGoGreen.com, which lists local depots where customers can recycle electronic devices and features a widget for customers to find local electronic device recyclers by ZIP code. Customers can create shipping labels on the site or locate drop-off locations to send their old chargers back to iGo to be recycled.

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