Jan 7 - Recycling for Apartment Dwellers Coming to Nevada County

The California Department of Conservation (DOC) has just awarded Nevada County a multi-family recycling grant for $76,710. This is great news for the residents of Nevada County as it will subsidize the initial costs of bringing recycling opportunities to residents of multi-family dwellings.

DOC's goal is to achieve an 80% recycling rate for all aluminum, glass, paper, plastic and bi-metal containers sold in California. Diverting large amounts of materials from the landfill also has beneficial result of greenhouse gas emissions reduction. Additionally, it can create financial benefits for building owners:

Through recycling, managers and owners of multifamily facilities can realize huge savings to their costs of waste disposal. The more material recycled, the less trash is required to be hauled away. Thus, the expense for the elimination of trash disposal can be reduced significantly. For example, one of the complexes from our pilot program that has 104 units has realized a monthly savings of $451.63. This complex has been recycling for only six months.

Read the complete release.

CAW & Multi-Family Recycling:

There are nearly 16 million residential multi-family units in the U.S. and many are left out of curbside recycling programs. These are wasted opportunities. Residents who live in apartments want to recycle just as much as anyone else. We just need to create convenient opportunities for them to do so.

CAW has supported and will continue to support smart policies that will bring recycling and waste reduction opportunities to multi-family dwellings.

To learn more about the Department of Conservation's grant program , click here.