Dec 27 - Oregon Joins States with E-waste Recycling Laws

Beginning Jan. 1, Oregon will join California, Washington and Maine in offering free and convenient electronics recycling. Oregon passed the electronics recycling law in 2007, and it will cover computers, monitors and TVs.

Kathy Kiwala, head of the state program called Oregon E-Cycles, states:

"The law is a paradigm shift. When we declare it as a recyclable, typically it is the responsibility of local government and the hauler. This law says the manufacturer of products has responsibility for those products throughout the whole process."

Manufacturers either pay their portion of a state-run program or set up their own recycling programs. About 180 manufacturers plan to pay into the state-run program, and three have set up their own programs.

The state-run program, which will cost about $1.5 million this first year, collects money from manufacturers based on how many of their products are being recycled. Retailers will be required to sell only those brands registered through the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality — manufacturers also pay a registration fee.

Recyclers say they hope that requiring manufacturers to pay for recycling will encourage product redesign that makes it easier to recycle products.

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CAW and E-waste Recycling: