Nov 25 - Environmental Leaders Kuehl & Laird Appointed to CA Waste Board

The leadership of the California State Legislature has appointed outgoing State Senator Sheila Kuehl and Assembly Member John Laird to serve on the California Integrated Waste Management Board.

Both Senator Kuehl and Assembly Member Laird have distinguished themselves as environmental leaders in the state legislature, maintaining 100% environmental voting records. Both Senator Kuehl and Assembly Member Laird have been honored by Californians Against Waste as 'Recycling's Legislators of the Year'.

Senator Kuehl will replace long-time board member Wesley Chesbro who was elected to the State Assembly. Assembly Member Laird replaces another long-time board member Cheryl Peace. Both Chesbro and Peace have been strong supporters of waste prevention and recycling policy. Kuehl and Laird, whose terms begin December 1, are expected to maintain the focus on waste prevention and recycling.

There remains one vacancy on the 6 member board. Additionally, the terms of board members Margo Brown and Gary Petersen expire at the end of this year. Both Brown and Petersen are seeking re-appointment. All three appointments are made by Goveror Schwarzenegger.