Nov 21 - State Moves to Include Commercial Recycling in Climate Efforts

At a public hearing of the Air Resources Board yesterday, CIWMB Chair Margo Brown announced her agency’s support for including mandatory commercial recycling in the implementation of the state’s landmark global warming law, AB 32. This bold leadership from the CIWMB shows an acknowledgement of the impressive greenhouse reductions that can come from increased recycling and we strongly urge the Air Resources Board to adopt this recommendation.

CAW, along with support from other environmental organizations, waste companies, recyclers, and local governments, has advocated for the inclusion of this measure since the earliest stages of AB 32 implementation, and the time has come to expand the success of California’s recycling efforts to our state’s businesses. With the inclusion of commercial recycling in AB 32 implementation, California will offer a model for regional, national, and international climate efforts, and CAW looks forward to working with the ARB and CIWMB on the difficult task of implementing this pioneering policy.

The final AB 32 Scoping Plan is scheduled for adoption at the December board meeting of the ARB.