Oct 31 - San Mateo County Preparing Bag Ordinance

San Mateo County is in the process of drafting an ordinance designed to promote the use of reusable bags and offset the costs of carryout bag litter by requiring fees on all carryout bags. California Grocers representative told San Jose Mercury News writer Joshua Melvin that any ordinance considered should be as expansive as possible:

Tim James, a member of the California Grocers Association, advocates what he calls a "broader is better" approach. He said that applying the ordinance to all types of businesses, including small "mom-and-pop" shops, and restricting all types of bags would maximize the environmental gain and reduce the negative impact on businesses.

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The ordinance process is supported by a number of environmental organizations, including CAW. Once language is agreed on, the ordinance is expected to be voted on by all San Mateo County cities.

CAW and Plastic Bags: