Mar 27 - PVC Bill Nears Hearing Date

AB 2505, which will phase out the use of polyvinyl chloride packaging, will be heard in Assembly ESTM committee Tuesday. PVC packaging is not recycled, contaminates the PET recycling stream and has a high incidence rate of heavy metal and phthalate contamination.

In related news, the New York Times reported that hospitals are working to phase out the use of PVC. Susan Moran writes that hospitals have been leading the campaign to require vendors to switch to non-PVC alternatives:

"A few years ago, some Kaiser managers grew alarmed by studies showing that a plastic used in many supplies â€" polyvinyl chloride, or PVC â€" turns to chlorinated dioxin, a toxin, when burned. Other studies showed that DEHP (diethylhexyl phthalate, a chemical that makes PVC malleable), can leach into the contents of intravenous bags, potentially causing reproductive problems in male babies.So the team summoned experts to identify hospital products containing hazardous ingredients. Soon after, a Kaiser sourcing manager called suppliers to see if they could come up with safe and functional PVC-free alternatives for carpets, medical gloves and other supplies."

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CAW and PVC: