Mar 20 - ARB Releases Draft Landfill GHG Regs

The ARB released draft regulations as part of its Landfill Gas Early Action Measure, and, at first glance, these requirements appear to signal a strong statewide shift towards landfill gas collection practices that are protective of public health, safety, and the environment. Since the passage of AB 32, CAW had strongly advocated for rigorous landfills gas regulations and, last year, the Air Resources Board identified landfills as an industry that would be well suited for early regulatory action. These draft regulations are the result of a diligent effort by the ARB staff to identify opportunities to minimize methane emissions from landfills.

As far as CAW is aware, these are the first actual control measures to be drafted by the Air Resources Board as part of AB 32 implementation, and this underscores the importance of achieving maximal emission reductions through these regulations.

The ARB will be holding a workshop on these measures on Monday, the 24th.

  • Read the draft regulations here.