Mar 4 - Connecticut Bill Would Ban Plastic Bags

The Connecticut Legislature is considering a bill that would ban plastic bags in the state by 2010. Susan Haigh of the Associated Press writes that other countries have done much more to deal with dangerous plastic marine debris pollution:

"The United States lags behind many other countries in placing limits on plastic bags. Ireland and Germany charge fees for every bag handed out by stores, and several African nations have set thickness requirements that have effectively banned the flimsy thin bags that float in the air. Last year, San Francisco was the first city in the country to ban petroleum-based plastic bags in grocery stores. New York City last month required stores to collect and recycle bags."

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San Francisco, Oakland and Los Angeles County all have plastic bag control measures in place. Many others, including San Jose, Santa Monica and the City of Los Angeles are considering bans.

CAW and Plastic Bags:

  • CAW is currently sponsoring AB 2058 (Levine), which would require retailers to meet a tough recycling and reduction benchmark or require them to charge for bags.