Mar 4 - Legislation Will Promote Recycling of Thermostats Containing Mercury

Legislation introduced by Asm. Ira Ruskin will require manufacturers of thermostats to develop and collection and recycling porgram for the old devices, that contain mercury and are currently being replaced. Currently, mercury containing thermostats are banned from landfills as they are classified as a universal waste. AB 2347, introduced February 21, would require collection bins to be placed at locations where thermostats are sold. Shaun Bishop of the San Mateo County Times reports.

Ruskin said the current laws need "teeth." His bill would mandate that manufacturers participate in a recycling program if they want to sell thermostats to Californians. A violation would be a crime, though no specific penalties are written into the bill's current language.

"It will place responsibility on those companies that have profited and continue to profit from selling thermostats in California," Ruskin said.

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