Jan 16 - Asm. Levine Announces New Legislation to Strengthen Plastic Bag Law

Assemblymember Lloyd Levine announced today new legislation aimed at building on the success of the law already in place requiring retailers to take back plastic bags for recycling.

The new measure would build upon existing law (AB 2449 (Levine-2006)) by establishing recycling benchmarks and allow stores to charge a fee of up to 15 cents per bag for one-time use plastic bags given to consumers at point of sale. This money would go to cities to help with trash clean up. The bill will also prohibit stores from dispensing these bags to customers unless the stores show proof of having reduced and recycled a minimum of 35 percent of plastic bags by the end of 2010 and 70 percent by 2012.

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What You Can Do

  • Read about AB 2449, California's Plastic Bag Recycling and Reusable Bag Law.
  • Learn more about what CAW is doing about plastic bag litter.