Nov 27 - Microsoft and Philips Fails Greenpeace's Toxic Test

Greenpeace's "Greener Electronics Guide" recently added the world's biggest TV and game console makers to their guide, with failing results. Microsoft, scored on their both their Xbox game console and MP3 player managed only a 2.7 rating, while Philips received a 2, the lowest of all the TV-makers. Nintendo received the lowest rank of all companies, with a zero, for not having information about the toxics in its products or plans to eliminate the hazardous materials.

Greenpeace scores manufacturers based on their policies and practices related to toxic chemicals in products and takeback opportunities. Sony Erricsson topped the rankings this time around, as Nokia and Motorola received penality points for the lack of practice in their pledges on global takeback in the countries where Greenpeace conducted checks.

Read Greenpeace's Guide here.

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