Nov 26 - ETAAC Report and Additional Meeting

The ETAAC has announced that they will be holding a follow-up meeting to their November 29th workshop in Merced. The meeting will be on December 13th at the Cal/EPA building in Sacramento.

CAW will be attending the meeting and expressing our strong concerns regarding the recommendations in the committee's report. Specifically, our overarching concern is that instead of focusing on proven recycling and composting technologies, ETAAC has placed hope in a range of “conversion technologies.” Despite the expenditure of millions of dollars, the state has yet to be able to quantify the health and environmental impacts of these technologies so the emphasis on them is misplaced. ETAAC should be focused on GHG-reducing recycling and composting technologies by recommending investing in programs and research that will ensure the backbone of our current recycling infrastructure will last despite regulatory challenges, siting problems, and artificially deflated landfill costs.

Environmental Entrepreneurs has put together a short summary of the ETAAC report, and they have given us permission to post a downloadable copy of it. It is a very helpful guide to the long report, but it covers the entire document, not solely waste issues (which are spread throughout many different sections).

Other Upcoming Events
  • November 30 - AB 32 Scoping Plan meeting at South Coast AQMD's Diamond Bar office with a simulcast at the Cal/EPA building. This is the first meeting for the Scoping Plan, and it will focus on the structure and organization of the document. [More information]
  • December 6 - ARB Board Meeting will have adoption of the GHG Emissions Inventory and Mandatory Reporting regulations on the agenda. [More information]
  • December 14 - AB 32 Scoping Plan workshop at the Cal/EPA building in Sacramento. This will focus on the individual sectors that will be in the Scoping Plan. [More information]