Nov 15 - Today is California Recycles Day!

November 15 is California Recycles Day, but recycling should happen every day.

In conjunction with America Recycles Day, the only national day encouraging people to recycle and buy recycled content products, California Recycles Day hopes to increase awareness of and encourage recycling all throughout the state.

Recycling is an important factor in helping us reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. Solid waste landfills are the single largest man-made source of methane gas in the country. By recycling, we keep materials out of landfills and we reduce GHG emissions by limiting the need to mine and refine virgin resources for new products. Ton for ton, recycling reduces more pollution and saves more energy than any other activity besides source reduction of GHG.

Learn more about California Recycles Day and make a pledge to increase your recycling in the home, office and at play!

What You Can Do