Nov 13 - CLCV Environmental Report Card Released

The California League of Conservation Voters released its annual California Environmental Scorecard today, detailing the environmental vote by California legislators and the Governor. The Governor scored his highest score yet with 63% this legislative session. The Assembly Democrats averaged a 94%, led in part by eleven first year Democrats who scored a perfect 100%, with 29 overall for the group. The Assembly overall had a 58% score and the Senators were at 59%.

Some of the major environmental bills will have to wait for votes in the next session, including two major global warming bills. Scoring for the scorecard came from votes on key legislation aimed at preserving and protecting our environment.

Read the entire 2007 Environmental Scorecard here.

Quickly compare the 2007 and 2006 environmental record for returning legislators by checking out CAW's Assembly Member and State Senate pages.