Aug 31 - San Diego Scrambling on Proposal of New Recycling Initiatives

San Diego residents and businesses may soon be fined if they are not recycling. City officials are planning to enact two recycling initiatives aimed at increasing the city's recycling rate from 52 percent to 60 percent in three years time and to help alleviate the city's Miramar landfill. One initiative looks at fines of up to $1000 for residents and businesses who fail to recycle and the other targets construction and demolition debris. Mike Lee of the San Diego Union-Tribune reports.

San Diego's proposed recycling requirements are expected to divert some 100,000 tons a year from Miramar Landfill. That would reduce the city's revenues by about $4 million a year, and officials have yet to explain how they would cover that gap and related costs.

The proposed rules would affect most single-family homeowners starting in January.

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CAW is currently sponsoring AB 548 (Levine), which would require managers to provide appropriate recycling opportunities in multi-family dwellings (apartments). Expanding recycling to multi-family dwellings could divert an additional 329,000 tons of recyclable materials. The bill is currently awaiting a concurrence vote on the Assembly Floor.

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