Aug 31 - Bottled Water Waste Brings Renewed Attention to Bottle Bills

With more and more municipalities considering how they might decrease bottled water consumption, renewed attention has been given to a potential national container deposit law, writes Betsy Mckay of the Wall Street Journal. Currently only 11 states have laws like California's Bottle and Can Recycling Law, and only four of thoseâ€"including California'sâ€"include bottle water.

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While beverage companies still pour millions into opposing bottle bills at a state level, they have begun in recent years to decrease the amount of plastic used in their containers and Coke has been working to increase the recycled plastic content in its bottles from 5% to 10%. States that have bottle bills recycle about 70% of affected containers, whereas those containers are recycled at a rate of just 34% nationally.

CAW and Bottle Bills

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