Aug 22 - New York May Duplicate California Plastic Bag Recycling Law

The New York Legislature is considering enacting a mandatory, in-store plastic bag recycling program for large supermarkets, mirroring California's AB 2449, which went into effect July 1. Like our newly-implemented program, the proposed New York law also requires stores to provide reusable bags for sale to consumers. Adrienne Esposito, Executive Director of Citizens Campaign for the Environment, told NY Daily News' Brian Harmon that plastic bag recycling and using reusable bags is an integral part of ending our throw-away society:

"This measure creates the opportunity for us to make the transition from a throw-away society to a reduce and reuse society It saves us money. It protects our beaches and bays. It reduces the costs for stores. And it means we're using less oil."

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California's mandatory plastic bag recycling program is one month into its 6-year pilot program.

CAW and Plastic Bags