Aug 20 - Sony Launches Free Nationwide E-waste Program

Sony announced last week that it will launch the "Sony Take Back Recycling Program" on September 15, allowing consumers to recycle their Sony products free of charge nationwide at 75 Waste Management Recycling America eCycling centers. With new technology becoming available more quickly these days, it allows for the build up of more unwanted electronics and a greater need for the responsible disposal of such products. Both Sony and Waste Management plan on expanding the program within the year to have drop off sites in all 50 states. For list of current locations, click here. Sony CEO and President Stan Glasgow is quoted in a ComputerWorld article as saying,

"Providing the highest level of service and support doesn't stop once a purchase is made. We believe it is Sony's responsibility to provide customers with end-of-life solutions for all the products we manufacture."

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