Jul 30 - Recent News and Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events:

  • August 13th- ARB workshop on the 1990 Greenhouse Gas Inventory. We are anticipating a discussion of landfill carbon “sequestration” and landfill gas capture efficiency. CAW’s Position
  • August 15th- ARB workshop on Mandatory Reporting of greenhouse gas emissions. We are expecting a discussion of whether landfills will be in the first group of industries required to report under this program. CAW’s Position

News Items:

  • At its board meeting on Friday, the ARB accepted the final report of the Market Advisory Committee, which outlines recommendations for the implementation of a statewide cap-and-trade system. CAW’s Concerns
  • Negotiations over the state budget have focused on whether climate change impacts should be addressed under CEQA, the state’s keystone environmental law. The Center for Biological Diversity’s Analysis
  • The Public Policy Institute of California (a highly respected non-partisan organization) has released its annual poll on environmental attitudes in California. The poll found that 3 in 4 Californians support strong government action on climate change, including a majority of Republicans and Democrats. Key Findings