Jul 28 - California's Freeways See Increase in Trash

Despite the ever growing era of living more "green," motorists on California's highways are not so much, as freeway trash in the state increased by more than 30 percent in the past year. The clean up for the trash came to around $60 million for Caltrans, an increase of $20 million from previous years. The number one piece of garbage recovered were cigarette butts. Sue Doyle of the LA Daily Times reports.

Californians might consider themselves among the nation's most eco-friendly consumers, but last year even as motorists were snapping up hybrid cars they also were trashing Golden State freeways.

In Los Angeles and Ventura counties, freeway refuse rose nearly 30 percent, to about 50,000 cubic yards - enough to fill about 6,300 dump trucks.

Northern California saw a nearly 34 percent surge in freeway trash as drivers left everything from used tissues to couches along the region's roadways, according to Caltrans. Meanwhile, San Diego and Imperial counties saw a 12 percent increase.

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