Jul 26 - Battery and Cell Phone Recycling Hopes to Expand to Curbside in Peninsula

The South Bayside Waste Management Authority tested a curbside pick up pilot program for batteries and cell phones in San Carlos and now the program may expand to the rest of the Authority's service area. The Authority collected 2,000 pounds worth of cell phones and batteries, 500 more pounds than expected. Because of the success, the Authority's board members will be voting today to expand these services to its entire service area of 91,000 residents by October. Rebekah Gordon for Insidebayarea reports.

A survey conducted by the authority of 737 residents who participated in the pilot found that 80 percent knew that it was illegal to throw batteries away. (Since February 2006, it has been illegal to throw used batteries, which are considered hazardous waste, in the trash.)

Furthermore, nearly 83 percent were "extremely satisfied" with the new curbside pickup program.

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Universal wastes such as batteries and cell phones are banned from disposal in the landfills because they contain hazardous materials and last summer, two CAW sponsored legislation went into effect that requires retailer take-back of these items.

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