Jun 5 - Website Additions

We have added content to the greenhouse gas page of CAW’s website, including several resources that should be useful for those of you who are involved in statewide climate change policy and AB 32 implementation. We have added the following three pages to the site:

1. A list of contacts and resources. This includes the names and phone numbers of staff that are involved in EAM development, the GHG Inventory, AB 32 Mandatory Reporting, technical workgroups, and other climate change activities. It also lists various climate change entities (CAT, MAC, EJAC, ETAAC) along with their members and key staff.

2. A list of letters that CAW has written on greenhouse gas issues. This includes the letters that we have written regarding Early Action Measures, Mandatory Reporting, and the GHG Inventory.

3. Links to important documents. These are frequently accessed documents and resources from the ARB, CAT, U.S. EPA, IPCC, CIWMB, and others. We welcome any suggested additions to this list.

We will be updating these pages constantly and adding additional pages with more content in the near future. Hopefully, this will allow CAW’s climate change page to be a thorough resource for stakeholders and policy makers. Let us know if you have any suggestions.

Upcoming: Within the next few days, we will be posting our response to the Market Advisory Committee’s “Report on Recommendations for Designing a Greenhouse Gas Cap-and-Trade System for California,” which was released on Friday, June 1st. A link to the report is available on our new documents page.