Jun 5 - European Lighting Manufacturers Want to Phase Out Incandescents

On Tuesday, European light bulb manufacturers announced that they want to phase out the use of the standard light bulb in the next eight years and replace them instead with more eco-friendly versions.

"This would lead to a massive 60% reduction of CO2 emissions (23 megatons annually) from domestic lighting and euro7 billion ($9.4 billion) gain for European consumers," said a statement issued by a group of European lamp manufacturers, including General Electric Co., Havells Sylvania and Royal Philips NV.

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Earlier this year, the European Union (EU) already agreed to reduce energy use across all of its 27 countries and included in that plan to phase out incandescent lamps. The new phase out plan includes creating new efficiency standards that all light bulbs must meet.

This plan is similar to CAW sponsored AB 1109 (Huffman). The bill would direct the CA Energy Commission to create new energy efficiency standards that would cut residential lighting use by 50 percent and commercial lighting 25 percent over 10 years. AB 1109 also adopts EU standards for hazardous waste, including toxic mercury and lead in bulbs, and establishes a lighting recycling program. The bill will be heard and voted by the full Assembly this week, and as early as today. Please encourage your legislator to support this measure!