Apr 6 - San Diego Considers Mandatory Recycling Ordinance

The San Diego City Council will be considering an ordinance that would require recycling be made available to all homes, businesses and multi-family dwellings. The ordinance was devised to help San Diego comply with the CA Integrated Waste Management Act of 1989 (AB 939), which required communities to divert 50% of waste from landfills. The San Diego Union Tribune reports.

City Attorney Michael Aguirre wants mandatory recycling to help extend the life of the city's only trash dump, Miramar Landfill, beyond 2012.

"We need to sweep away the system of waste and devouring our open space," Aguirre said Thursday at a news conference.

San Diego County Apartment Association Executive Director Bob Pinnegar called recycling "a complicated issue."

"The challenge is you can't come up with a mandatory 'One size fits all program,'" said Pinnegar, citing the different configurations and sizes of apartment complexes.

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CAW is currently sponsoring AB 548 (Levine), which would require all multi-family dwellings to have access to recycling services. The bill will be heard in the Assembly Natural Resources Committee this Monday, April 9.

What You Can Do:

  • TAKE ACTION in support of AB 548 (Levine) or write a letter of support.