Feb 21 - Ireland's "Plastax" Stretches Farther

The country well-known for having a highly effective fee attached to its plastic bags is upping the ante. Ireland's once 17 cent tax will be hiked up to 29 cents July 1 - moving the concept of bags fees to a new standard. From Reuters:

DUBLIN (Reuters) - Ireland is to increase a tax on plastic shopping bags that has cut their use by more than 90 percent since its launch five years ago, the government said on Wednesday.

Before the tax, the sight of plastic bags flapping from trees and hedgerows across Ireland was so prevalent that some said they were fast becoming the Emerald Isle's "national flag."

The levy -- which will rise to 22 euro cents ($0.29 cents) from 15 euro cents per bag from July 1 -- cut the amount of plastic bag litter by 95 percent after people switched to reusable bags, said Environment Minister Dick Roche.

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What You Can Do:

  • Curb your usage of plastic bags with tips from CAW's Living Green.
  • Learn about CAW-supported AB 2449 (Levine), the 2006 bill that was signed by the governor, which will encourage plastic bag recycling throughout the state.