Feb 21 - Laura Bush to Investigate Marine Debris

Mrs. Bushâ€"who is headed to the newly-designated Northwest Hawaiian Islands Monument next weekâ€"said in a briefing that she plans to investigate the problem of marine debris on the chain. Though far removed, the atolls in the chain are beset by marine debris due to ocean currents.

Allison Winter of E&E News PM quoted NOAA Administrator explaining the mobility of marine debris in the oceans.

Every time you drop a piece of trash on the ground, it can end up in the Northwest Hawaiian Islands. Ocean currents can move it all around the world.

Mrs. Bush is to investigate whether clean-up efforts alone are sufficient to solve the problem. Currently the NOAA hauls away more than 60 tons of debris annually.

Up to 90% of floating marine debris is comprised of plastics.

What CAW Is Doing: