Jan 29 - Patagonia to Expand Clothing Recycling

Patagonia has announced that it plans to expand its used garment recycling program to include certain clothing from competitors brandsâ€"the first clothing company to do so. Using recycled fabrics in new clothing production results in an energy savings of 76 percent and releases an estimated 71% less greenhouse gasses.

Patagonia has been accepting its own polypropylene base layers for recycling since 2005. With the extension of this program to include Polartec clothing from all brands, Patagonia CEO Casey Sheahan said in a news release that Patagonia wanted to blaze a new trail for the recycling of clothing:

Our goal is to assume full responsibility for our products, as well as our competitors' products, at the end of their useful life. We hope to expand the world view of recycling beyond just aluminum cans, newspapers and bottleâ€"we're aiming to make clothing a recyclable resource.

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Patagonia estimates that since 2005, its recycling program has diverted 1000 pounds of used garments from land fills.

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