Nov 15 - It's America Recycles Day!

Today is National America Recycles Day!

What does that mean? Besides continuing upon our everyday lives of recycling and composting, we should begin first with waste diversion. According to the most recent U.S. EPA report, the United States generates approximately 245.7 million tons of MSW in 2005, with the recycling rate being 32.1 percent and 54 percent being sent to landfills. In California , the recovery rate is higher, now at 52 percent. Although both numbers are an increase from previous years, our nation and state still has a long way to go.

While we take the time to reduce waste, re-use materials and buy recycled products, we can save precious natural resources, while improving the community we live in. Recycling benefits also include helping conserve energy, prevent greenhouse gas emissions and water pollution.

Learn more about America Recycles Day and make a pledge to increase your recycling and get others involved to make recycling a part of our every day lives!

What You Can Do

  • Remember not just to recycle your paper, cans and plastic bottles, but remember to recycle your electronic waste (including batteries, computers and TVs) and other household hazardous wastes.
  • Learn more about ways to reduce and re-use unwanted materials, where to find recycled products, or how to start composting in CAW's Living Green page.