Nov 15 - A New Way to Light Your Recycling

Two companies have combined their expertise to create a new lamp recycling program. Osram Syvania, which provides innovative lighting and recycling opportunities, has partnered with Veolia Environmental Services, the largest lamp and ballast recycler on this new easy way to recycle lamps and ballasts. The program involves ordering pre-labeled recycling boxes for your lamps to then be recycled, which now can be purchased on Osram Syvania's website.

OSRAM SYLVANIA is proud to announce that it has developed an industry-first business association with Veolia Environmental Services, the largest lamp and ballast recycler in North America, to provide environmentally responsible recycling alternatives. As a leader in environmentally preferable, energy-efficient lighting solutions, OSRAM SYLVANIA is now expanding its range of lighting and recycling solutions by offering the sale of RECYCLEPAK, Veolia's proprietary recycling kit, through

Using the RECYCLEPAK makes recycling easy for large or small quantities of spent lamps and ballasts. Prepaid packaging allows for a convenient way to manage lighting waste. One price includes everything needed for complete lamp and ballast recycling.

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Fluorescent lamps and tubes in California are considered hazardous waste because they contain notable amounts of mercury. Lamps and tubes must be recycled or taken to a household hazardous waste disposal facility. CAW has worked in the past on legislation (AB 1699) dealing with a proper and convenient system to recycle fluorescent lamps. Although the bill did not pass, CAW continues to remain mindful on the issue on how to ensure the proper disposal of fluorescent lights, while also supporting the use of highly-energy efficient technology.

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