Nov 14 - Mercury Ban on Tap in EU

Mercury will soon be virtually out of the picture if the European Union's plans follow through as non-electrical devices are targeted in an ongoing mercury phase-out. The world's largest mercury supplier, the EU hopes a reduction of human and environmental exposure to the highly toxic chemical can be agreed upon worldwide. From the Associated Press:

The European Parliament on Tuesday backed plans to phase out the use of mercury in non-electrical measuring devices, with the exception of barometers and antique instruments.

Medical devices such as thermometers and manometers would be covered by the legislation, which now goes to EU member states for assessment.

The draft directive follows a call by the EU executive Commission to ban exports of mercury from 2011 as part of efforts to cut down the global supply of the highly toxic chemical.

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What You Can Do:

  • Learn more about mercury and your health in CAW's Living Green.
  • TAKE ACTION against mercury still found in consumer electronics stateside.