Nov 13 - Wal-Mart Heads Toward "Green-er" Future

Experimental Wal-Mart stores in Colorado and Texas were reviewed for their projects towards environmental sustainability. The two stores contain a variety of green technology, including solar panels and are designed to reduce operational waste, while using recycled and renewable materials. These sustainability efforts by Wal-mart has garnered some unsuspecting approval from Wal-mart critics, but some still remain skeptical about the future. Abigail Goldman of the LA Times reports.

AURORA, COLO. -- Wind turbines, rows of tall windows, a 200-foot-long dimpled-metal wall and shiny rooftop solar panels are just hints of what's to come.

Here, next to a busy freeway in suburban Denver, is tomorrow's Wal-Mart today. And it's getting a lot of attention.

For the last year, this experimental Wal-Mart Supercenter has been testing ways to be more environmentally sensitive in everything it does.

What works here won't stay in Aurora. The world's largest retailer wants ideas it can use in all of its more than 6,600 stores around the globe.

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Learn more about Wal-Mart's sustainability efforts at their website.