Oct 17 - It's Looking Green in San Joaquin

The Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce established the Green Team San Joaquin several months ago to help educate businesses about being "green," while providing a network community for businesses that profit from recycling. The program already has 55 businesses involved in the county that also make educational presentations. The chamber itself has even got into the program, who will install a new carpet later this year made of 35 percent recycled materials. Bruce Spence of the Stockton Record reports.

STOCKTON - It's not easy bein' green, as Kermit the Frog once famously said.

But it is smart to be green, as the Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce would like to be famous for saying.

The chamber has begun shaping up what will be a long-running program to reach as many of the thousands of businesses and a range of governmental entities with the message that being green - recycling and using recycled goods, reducing air pollution, conserving energy and so on - isn't just good for the community, it's good for improving the bottom line.

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