Oct 11 - Waste Board Encourages Bringing Worms To Work!

Most of us have heard of composting in our backyards and in our gardens, but what about at work? The CA Integrated Waste Management Board is encouraging offices to go beyond the recycling to include composting as a way to reduce waste in the work place. Leftover and uneaten lunch provides a great start in producing compost in the office, which the EPA building in Sacramento already does. Employees are even encouraged to bring home the all natural fertilizer to use in their gardens. Noaki Schwartz of the Associated Press reports.

LOS ANGELES Oct 11, 2006 (AP)— Next to a copy machine on the 10th floor of the city's public works building sits a plastic bin filled with worms wriggling in rotting lettuce. Public servants walk by without even glancing at the box or the note above it: "Quiet please. Worms at work."

Always on the cutting edge of all things environmental, California is encouraging public and private-sector employees to bring worms to work so that the creatures can chew up apple cores, sandwich scraps and other lunch leftovers and produce compost.

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What You Can Do

  • LEARN how to start composting at work or at home.
  • WHY composting is important.
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