Sept 8 - Manteca To Begin Mandatory Apartment Recycling

The city of Manteca has finally decided to jumped on the bandwagon by including apartments in the recycling loop. The city figured out that 90% of items tossed in apartments were recyclable. The new program will begin with voluntary recycling of many household items (bottles, newspapers, cans, etc..) and those that fail to participate could eventually face fines from the city. The Manteca Bulletin reports.

Mandatory recycling on its way in Manteca.

Blue days are coming for Manteca’s 2,000 plus apartments. Voluntary recycling of household items such as bottles, newspapers, magazines, cans, cardboard and paper at apartment complexes are starting this month.

And those complexes not participating now will eventually be forced to do so or face stiff penalties from the City of Manteca.

"Our biggest worry is contamination," said Rexie LeStrange who oversees the city's recycling efforts.

Apartments not being under mandatory recycling has been a sore point with a number of single family homeowners over the years who have voiced to the City Council they thought it wasn’t fair that they had to recycle and not apartment dwellers.

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Multifamily dwellings account for 8% of the waste stream of the state, but less than half of the recycling in the state. CAW supports AB 2206 (Montañez), which would require notice of recycling programs through significant outreach to owners and managers of multifamily dwellings to increase recycling at such dwellings.

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