Sept 4 - Recycling Thrives and E-Waste Grows in Burbank

The city of Burbank looks for a more sustainable future, even hoping to adopt a zero waste resolution in 2007 now that its recycling programs have allowed for better waste management practices. However, the city still has some obstacles to overcome, including the ever growing electronic waste collected that needs to be recycled. Chris Wiebe of the Burbank Leader reports.

SOUTH SAN FERNANDO DISTRICT - Every day, about 300 tons of waste is hauled down Flower Street to the city's recycling center, where massive heaps of refuse harbor a putrid paradise for warlike swarms of flies.

Honey bees hover over a trash bin overflowed with aluminum cans, extracting the sugar and water reminisces from hundreds of consumed soft drinks.

"This is the new urban meadow, the cans are like sparkling flowers filled with artificial nectar," recycling coordinator Kreigh Hampel said. "It makes you wonder what their honey will taste like."

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CAW continues to work on issues of recycling, namely with AB 2206 (Montañez), which would require apartment managers and owners to provide recycling information and opportunity to residents of multi-family dwellings.

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